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I had the pleasure to work with Kim pursuing opportunities in the software development industry, particularly regarding LAMP and Open Source opportunities. It was the first time I had worked with a Group Manager/Lead Recruiter that had presented me with multiple opportunities to consider that were delivered from her and her direct reports.

Kim is a thorough professional who is enthusiastic about her industry and she has a great work ethic. These qualities are readily apparent from the other members of her team. There is no doubt for me, that her team members are following her lead. Working with Kim was seamless and I never felt any pressure to choose one opportunity over the other. She took her time to patiently listen to my feedback and also advised me on opportunities that would be well suited for me.

As the result of our combined efforts, I accepted an opportunity she presented that I am very happy with. I would like to thank her and all the members of her team for the amazing work they did for me!

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