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Power of Referrals

According to an report from earlier this year, even if you do everything right – be perfectly qualified, submit a flawless resume, and write a clear, concise cover letter – reality is that your chance of securing the open job you just applied for is still less than 1%. This stat is particularly apt (and scary) for open technical jobs where qualified candidates are held up by keyword-scanning applicant tracking systems, HR reps who may not fully grasp tech requirements, and members of unrelated departments who may only have a few buzzwords to go by.

This is why it’s more important than ever to have a referral for the specific job you’re applying for. Whether an internal or agency referral, this is the only way to get on the express track to the hiring manager. The good news is that it’s never been easier to find who in your network has connections at the company you are targeting. LinkedIn’s entire network is built on this “degree connection” formula, giving you a platform to connect directly with professionals who are just one or two “degrees” away from your own contacts. Even beyond LinkedIn, the go-to professional networking site, job seekers can employ a full of range of social networks to uncover connections they may have not known they had. But even though it’s easier than ever to reveal these possible contacts, you still may not have a direct link to your dream organization. Here’s where Talener can help.

Just like being referred directly by a family or friend, partnering with Talener gives you a direct line of access to the decision-making hiring managers in our network of connections in the media, publishing, advertising, entertainment, technology and startup industries. It’s quite a different experience from dumping a resume into a black hole of endless applications submitted through online job postings. And frankly, from both a time management and productivity point of view, it’s truly the only method that makes sense for securing your next job!

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