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Picture and Post Provided by: Stephanie Gencur

Last night, Talener LA hosted a great Women Inspire Tech meet up with 27 women in attendance! Designers, engineers, and project managers gathered in our office to hear our guest speaker, Julie Uhrman, the CEO and founder of OUYA.

We started the night with a group discussion based on an article titled “What was the Big Dell Deal?”, which discussed a controversial emcee at the international Dell conference in Copenhagen. The emcee encouraged the participants at the conference to strive to keep the women out of the technology industry. The emcee stated with pride that “there are hardly any girls here today, and I’m happy to see that.” The question that we asked the women that attend the meet up was “How would you react if you were at the conference. Would you stand up and try and make a statement, leave the conference, or just sit and watch the emcee discriminate against women?”

After the group discussion on the article, we had our guest speaker take the floor. Julie started by sharing how she would have handled the situation if she were at the conference. She told us that she would have stayed because if she left, she would have given the emcee exactly the reaction he wanted. After, she shared her story of how she founded OUYA. She addressed the challenges she has experienced in her career thus far not only as a female in a male dominated industry, but also as a founder revolutionizing the male-oriented gaming industry. To close the night, Julie had an open floor Q&A. We want to thank Julie for sharing her insight and experiences! (The concept of OUYA alone is inspirational!)

Our next WIT meetup will be on Feburary 28th from 7-8pm! Bring your girlfriends!

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