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By: Max Neumeyer
In the wake of Facebook, the overexposing social media site, rose the popular photo sharing app Snapchat. It seems that with Facebook and similar social sites, everything you put online will be there for good. Hence the popular iPhone and Android app, which deletes your pictures after you send them, gives people the privacy that just doesn’t seem to exist anymore. But is Snapchat really deleting all of your photos? Digital forensic examiner Richard Hickman says otherwise. According to Hickman, all it takes is a few hours (5 or 6 to be exact) and knowing the right places to look. Contrary to popular belief, Snapchats are not being deleted and are merely renamed and hidden in users’ phones. Although finding the snaps is no easy task, Hickman has published his methods online and offers his services for $500. At the moment he has only found out how to uncover snaps on Android phones; however he is currently working on the iPhone. Snapchat has recently released a statement saying that they never meant for snaps to be deleted off of phones, they merely delete all snaps from their internal servers. They also cited their privacy policy which claims that users send all snaps at their own risk.

It will be interesting to see how people react to the news in the next few weeks. Part of the novelty of Snapchat was that a user could send any photo (no matter how racy) and not have to worry about that photo becoming public. This new development sends any solace of privacy to the wayside, basically eliminating the sole purpose of the Snapchat application.

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