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What makes a great developer? 

Last Thursday, I attended the Business Insider StartUp 2013 Conference,

I attended a class run by Peter Bell titled, Outsourcing and Managing Software Development.  It was extremely insightful and I wanted to share some notes around the question: What makes a great developer?

3 Ps- Programming, Professionalism, Product 

1)     Programming– hardest to determine, give the developer a project to work on, like a bug tracking system, pay them $1,500 to see how you’d interact with them before making a fulltime offer

2)      Professionalism– meaning a professional developer should do the following:

A)      Test Driven Development-  

B)      Unit Test

C)      Break project into working code

D)      Have a GitHub account

4)      Product– they should have a really good sense of the product and understand it, what problems are you solving


Thanks Peter for the insight and I hope that other people use your 3 P approach to identifying talent.


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