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Earlier this week, we posted about how to set yourself apart as a Junior Level Candidate.  Today, we would like to talk a bit about what companies are looking for when they are looking for candidates at any level. 

1.   Companies are looking for someone who is excited about the company.  There have been a lot of articles and studies published recently showing that people who are more engaged in their company and the environment are more productive, they provide better customer service, and they tend to be more loyal over time.  Given those positives, it is understandable why a company is more eager to hire someone who is already excited about what they are doing.

2.   Companies are looking for someone who has a proven track record of following through on the things/projects they’ve started.  This can include graduating in 4 years from college, with a solid GPA and/or a history of working for a company for at least 2 years at a time.  I know in this job market, longevity might not be as important now, but when this bubble bursts it will be paramount, so we recommend that you plan to shore up and build up your resume now when it might be a little easier.

3.  Companies are looking for someone who is coming out of a similar or like environment.  Start-Ups are more preferential to other candidates coming out of a start-up, etc.  Banking from Banking, etc

4.  Companies are looking for someone who is comfortable with themselves, confident, positive, happy and focused. Employees who are positive and comfortable with themselves create a fantastic environment for other people as well and can help attract other good, positive and creative people.

5.  Companies are looking for someone who is likable.

There are many other factors that may go into a company’s hiring decision, but these are certainly some of the most important intangible factors.  Let us know if your company has special things that they look for or if you have any comments or questions!

Have a great day!

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