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Welcome to Part II of Two for Tuesday!  Every Tuesday we will bring you two tips to help you in your job search or whilw transitioning to a new career or new role.  Our first five weeks will be Things to Keep in Mind When Changing Jobs.

Navigating a job change can be a stressful and hectic time.  In an effort to help ease some of your stress and help you plan your switch more effectively, we here at Talener have put together a list of things to keep in mind/consider when changing jobs.

Last week we covered Location, Location, Location and Compensation.  This week we are looking at Technology and Growth:

Technology –Is the technology the same or similar to the technology you are working with now or is it something completely new and exciting?  Will you have to take additional certifications or learn a new programming language or methodology?  How well equipped are you to make those sorts of transitions? Does the new company pay for training/tuition reimbursement? All of these are things to consider when making a switch.

Growth – Is there opportunity to learn from and grow within the team?  If so, how much?  Will you be the junior person on the team with an opportunity to move up the ranks within or are you the senior person on the team with the responsibility to train junior people?  Know where you are coming in so you know what is expected from you and how you can move within the organization. Make sure you are asking questions about both of these things as they will impact how competitive you are in the office place as well as how you continue to bring value to the team you are joining. 

Stay tuned next week for two more tips on what to keep in mind when you are leaving a job and be sure to check back in with us tomorrow when we are posting the link the the Livestream Q&A we did last Thursday and will hopefully have a post from our fearless leader about Interviewing 101. Have a great day!

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