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This interesting video is about, “the surprising truth about what motivates us.”

The basic belief is two things:

1) if we reward something, we get more of what we want

2) if we punish something, we get less of what we want

There was a study done on this, and the result was interesting. For mechanical (physical tasks), this incentive worked. However, for cognitive tasks, this resulted in poor performance. So basically, for simple straight forward tasks, the results were great. When a task gets more complicated, the incentives don’t work. Money is a motivator, under certain conditions- if you don’t pay someone enough, there’s no motivation. The key is to pay them enough to not worry about money anymore, and this leads to autonomy (self-directed), mastery (get better at specific things), and purpose. Essentially, the profit motive must be tied into the purpose motive to maximize work. The overall message this video is trying to convey, is that we can build organizations and work places that make us better off, but we could also make the world just a little bit better.

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