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Recruiters should be so interconnected with their respective fields, that they are able to identify future technologies and the avenues for current clients to take advantage of these emerging technologies. Samsung is in a position to make huge advances in the area of consumer electronics and should be watched closely in the coming months. 

Samsung is already a leader in the consumer appliances, and heavy construction fields. They are the #1 manufacturer of LCD and OLED displays which are used heavily in computers, cell phones, and televisions, and throughout late 2011, Samsung battled Apple to be the #1 producer of smartphones.

In 2012, all new Samsung TVs will be equipped with internet capabilities and be able to connect to other Samsung devices through their proprietary SwipeIt application, which works very similarly to AppleTV. The ability to push content from one Samsung device to another via a WiFi connection enables Samsung to create a top-to-bottom device “ecosystem” that will give current Samsung customers pause when considering buying products from competitors.

With the expansion of their television, smartphone, and tablet lines, Samsung is now coming out with a proprietary operating system named Bada, which will initially power their Wave line of smartphones, and is in development to power televisions and tablets as well. A single operating system to power multiple Samsung platforms will be key for the future development of software, and applications based on this new OS.

To monetize the development of a singular OS and multiple platforms, Samsung has released AdHub which will deliver targeted ads to customers on their SmartTVs. This opens up an entirely new area of development for ad networks, news, and digital agencies, for which to produce content.

Samsung is a leader in consumer technology, and has been making advancements not only in hardware, but now they are making a huge push for developing powerful pieces of software to increase the functionality of their devices. Advances are always being made in technology, but Samsung has an upper hand with powerful R&D programs to develop great software/hardware, and a stellar reputation that will increase the possibility for consumer adoption. The recruiting world needs to take notice of these advancements and begin learning as much as possible so we are prepared to meet the needs of existing clients, and future clients that will be producing content for Samsung powered devices. 

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