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In the past couple of months, LinkedIn has made a couple of major changes to their pillar product, the LinkedIn Profile. As Talener employees, we use this on a continuous basis every day so any changes that they are making are critical for us to be aware of.

Since January 2009, LinkedIn has grown by about 150 million members and with the technology field moving so quickly, it also has to adjust. There are three main groups of people that use LinkedIn: people looking to connect, people looking for a job, and recruiters. So LI product managers wanted to add more data while simultaneously simplifying it to appease each group. You can now also cross-reference your details with connections; the more information that you share, the better job LinkedIn can do the job of matching you up with people you know or might want to know.

Adding more data onto the profile allows you to show your interest off to others, especially because their goal is to make the profile the “next generation resume.” They want to reach out to the younger generation because they feel like it is currently more of a professional social network for adults. By bridging the gap between what something like Facebook is and LinkedIn, they can expand LI to reach out to high school and college students to help utilize education.

For example, LinkedIn could suggest relevant courses to make sure you get noticed for a job that is posted if that information is on your profile as well as make it more comfortable for students to connect with professors.

However, LinkedIn might be facing some major competition, particularly with Facebook’s Social Jobs app. Right now it is in early stages but Zuckerberg has the ability to purchase an existing platform like Monster or even LinkedIn or can choose to build his own from scratch. But investors put more trust in LinkedIn’s stock then Facebook’s so LinkedIn shouldn’t be worried yet, especially with their very good interface creating a 56% share growth this year. 

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