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Talener is committed to providing every candidate with an experience unlike any other technical recruiting agency. In 2017, Talener celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. This milestone gave us the opportunity to reflect on the business. We look back on those years; trying to improve every aspect of Talener. This starts internally as we continue to build our culture and develop our staff.

Taking care of our candidates and providing the best for them means that we must create an internal environment where we provide our people with opportunity, growth & purpose. This team is engaged and inspired by the work they do. This dedication and engagement means that they can provide better service to you and our clients.

As a company, and as individuals, we are committed to your experience.   We strive to provide you with:

A Strong Relationship

A resume doesn’t tell the whole story. Building a relationship by meeting you in-person is standard practice. We are representing you, as a person, not just a piece of paper.  Resume algorithms and keyword percentage matches remove the human aspect.  Finding a job is much more than technical skills. It is about building a relationship that allows us to find the right fit for both you and the client.

Local Jobs

Our teams operate locally. We focus on local talent with local companies. Our desire to build relationships in-person cannot be achieved if we are not operating locally. Our teams know the market, the types of roles available, have relationships with local companies, and live where you do.


We work in local teams that focus on specialized technical verticals.  It is important that every team member understand how their technology stack applies to you. And, it is imperative that we can relay back our client’s needs and ask the right questions when we are speaking with the direct hiring managers.  These conversations with the person with whom you will directly report are paramount to understanding who the company wants to hire vs. the skills in which they are interested.

Communication & Feedback

The interviewing and application process can be daunting. Our goal is to take some of the stress out of the process by ensuring clear communication at every step of the way.  We provide interview feedback (good or bad), explain how the interview process is progressing, communicate timelines, and let you know where you stand as it pertains to other applicants.  We want to help you to improve and be successful.


We will prepare you beyond the job description.  From company information to team intricacies, we are committed to prepare you for every challenge you may face.  Preparing you for technical interviews or quirks of a particular hiring manager, means giving you a leg up against fellow applicants.

Being Your Advocate

We are your advocate. We are here to market your experience, understand you job desires, and build your brand on your behalf.


Coaching goes hand-in-hand with communication and preparation.  We’ll help you to answer tough questions like why you were fired or what your salary expectations are.

Managing the Interview Process

In addition to communicating how the interview process works, we will also help to manage the timeline and multiple interviews. We know how hard it is to take time from your busy day to interview, so we strive to make this process as seamless as possible.

Every day, we focus on building great, lasting relationships in our market and our community.  While the goal is ultimately to find you a role – the path and the experience getting there can be just as crucial. Ensuring that you are placed at the right company with in the right role means that we have done our job.  Jobs open and close and the technology market changes rapidly.  We want to be on your side, helping you to navigate these changes, be prepared for the unknown, and give you the expertise you need to be successful.

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