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By: Pete Abernethy

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been the focus of a huge debate because of her decision to deny employees the option to work from home. Starting this new role in July, Mayer was brought into essentially re-invent Yahoo, a move that is considered an effort to bring back the collaborative nature of the office space. For obvious reasons, she has faced criticism from a number of angles.

Stay-at-home parents are coming out in full force, defending their right to be at home with their kids while still getting their work done. There is an ongoing debate about the productivity of remote workers, which has been heightened with the recent spotlight on Yahoo.

While there has been little commentary from Yahoo on the issue, they did issue a statement saying that this move is not necessarily a view of telecommuting in general, but something that is an important move for the company at this point.

To that end, Mayer’s reasoning behind this drastic move has to do mostly with the thought of collaboration in the workplace. An energetic and upbeat workplace with people working together is always a much more conducive atmosphere to innovative thinking. She believes that the kind of thinking and creativity needed to put Yahoo back on the map can only be found through bringing the employees into work every day.

In the end, it comes down to an effort to stir things up to bring Yahoo back into the forefront of technology, which despite differing opinions on the issue, seems to be a necessary measure at this point. I can understand the qualms that the remote workers have with this change, but Yahoo needs to change its course if it is going to keep up with the times.

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