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The first quarter of 2021 slowly increased the job opportunities in technology-based positions. The sluggish January start gave way to entire industries opening back up as we left Q1. And they’re ready to hire. The Talener team has followed this ramp up period over the past several months and early trends have appeared as more clients are ready, willing, and able to beef up their tech teams.

High Touch & Open to Conversations

Over 57% of Talener’s job placements in Q1 started with individual conversations. This is a candidate’s market; high touch interactions and personalized service are expected.  Successful placements hinge on building meaningful relationships. Technology candidates know and understand that they are in high demand. Expecting top tech talent to fall into your lap through active job postings will cost your organization time and reduce your ability to meet mission critical needs.

Location, Location, Location

Most employees who have successfully worked from home continue to seek out remote or hybrid-remote positions. They do not want to be tied to a location or an in-office job five days a week. The amount of open technology jobs exceeds the technology talent pool.  Companies will need to be clear about their path forward in regards to working arrangements and remote flexibility. Companies that are not explicit in their intentions or dismiss the overwhelming desire by candidates for remote flexibility will find themselves without the talent they desire.

Disposable Income

In the spring of 2020, kayaks, home improvement materials, and bicycles flew off shelves as many companies had not yet laid off workers. Disposable income was funneled into stocking up on food, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies.  Major eCommerce brands like Amazon & Target thrived in being the providers of essential consumables. Now, as we envision the reality of a post-pandemic world, other industries are back to claim their share of disposable income.  We will see gaming and gambling platforms hiring aggressively; betting on increased disposable income as we move through 2021.

Healthcare & Health Tech

The demand for health care professionals and technologists has not waned over the past year. Healthcare providers are still struggling to build & secure online portals and create telehealth platforms quickly.  Health Tech companies are equally strapped for talent; tapped by major hospital systems and local governments to provide software and services. Even as the number of vaccinated individuals goes up, these companies will continue to need talent as we embark on the next phase of building healthcare systems that can respond to the next public health crisis.

Front End & Design Talent

Front end developers and designers were in high demand exiting the first quarter.  Brick and mortar restaurants and retailers continue to build their businesses online after scrambling to stay afloat in 2020. Mobile food ordering and retail curbside pick-up skyrocketed in 2020. Even as restaurant and retail capacity restrictions are lifted, the online ordering trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Web development and marketing companies are hiring permanent and contract staff to meet the demand of small and medium businesses without their own in-house tech staff.

The second quarter of 2021 will solidify the direction in which open technology jobs are heading for the remainder of the year.  Coupling the arrival of the summer and the mass vaccination effort, companies are more optimistic that they can hire again with confidence. We expect to see the competition for technology talent to heat up; forcing employers to get more creative and aggressive with their compensation packages.

To learn more about tech market staffing trends, reach out to our team.  We can help guide you in building your job descriptions and compensation packages to attract qualified and available talent.

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