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What do Lego, Audi, manufacturing company Kuka Systems, and Huggies Pull Ups all have in common? It’s not the start of a bad joke, but actually a list of companies utilizing the incredible power of augmented reality (AR) technology.

On Wednesday, June 18, Talener invited in Brendan Scully of Metaio for another great Tech After Hours talk on how a diverse range of industries are employing AR into their operations and marketing. For those unfamiliar with AR, here’s the formal dictionary definition:

augmented reality

Obviously this leaves a wide range of possibilities open for developers, engineers, and marketing professionals. So what are some of the ways AR is being used?

For maintenance technicians (of HVAC systems, automobiles, and even heavy-duty manufacturing equipment), custom apps allow users to scan products and see a virtual representation of product manuals. By highlighting exactly what and how which mechanisms need to be fixed, a revolution is already happening in training and maintenance. Bulky product manuals will soon be a thing of the past as we all move towards an all-digital and truly interactive experience.

Other brands are taking a more playful approach to using AR. For Huggies Pull Ups this meant encouraging a generation of “digital toddlers” to use a special mobile application that gamifies the potty training process. Run through Metaio’s developer platform, their app allows kids to scan packaging materials to make the “chore” a fun experience.

Retailers like Victoria Secret are also using the service to create a seamless experience between in-store, catalog, and online sales. Scanable catalogs now link directly to eCommerce sites – allowing for a new level of ease for consumers and further insight for marketing teams of how shoppers are going from browsing to purchase.

Companies like Metaio are pushing the boundaries of these innovative technologies in multiple ways: from browsers that display their creations, coding software, and even hardware to provide a faster AR experience. Interested in learning more about AR? Check out the videos below, the Metaio blog and this great How Stuff Works article!

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