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Keeping up with the Top Twitter TechTwitter Bird_BlogMarch2015

Looking for a new JavaScript Job? Trying to stay up to date on the most current news or need an AngularJS tutorial before your next meet up? Following the right Twitter accounts can take you from A-Z, whether you are a novice coder looking for advice or a seasoned veteran searching for a senior level position. But how do you know who is worth following? We’ve compiled a (very non-exhaustive) list from some of our favorites and—of course you can always tweet us @TalenerHQ if you have questions about jobs, need career advice or just want to say hi! And, if you think that we’ve missed you as a top tech contributor—let us know so we can tweet out all of the great things you are doing for the tech world!

Tech News:

Tech Influencers:

  • @alexia (Alexia Tsotsis): Co-Editor at TechCrunch
  • @mgsiegler (MG Siegler): Partner at Google Ventures
  • @JasonFried (Jason Fried): Founder & CEO at Basecamp
  • @jank0 (Janko Roettgers): Senior Writer at Gigaom
  • @alexwilliams (Alex Williams): Founder of the New Stack
  • @KentBeck (Kent Beck): Programmer turned Twitter Sensation
  • @Cdixon (Chris Dixon): Programmer
  • @jack (Jack): Co-founder of Twitter, CEO Square
  • @StevenLevy (Steven Levy): Senior Writer, Wired


  • @Paul_Clifford (Paul Clifford): Software Entrepreneur
  • @defunkt (Chris Wanstrath): GitHub CEO & Co-Founder
  • @JResig (John Resig): Creator of jquery, JavaScript programmer
  • @Retomeier (Reto Meier): Head of Scalable Developer Advocacy at Google

Guides, Meet Ups & Learning:

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