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Candidate: Eric Hodonsky

Company: iCrossing

Title: Sr. UI Enginer

Eric first reached out to me in the middle of October through LinkedIn, asking about the jobs he’d been seeing all over LA.  We’ve seen this many times before with out-of-state candidates – they want to move to sunny SoCal, but won’t move until they secure a job (which is incredibly difficult to do at a distance).   Eric was different.  He told me he would do anything to get out to LA, and after getting him on the phone and talking to him for a bit, I simply told my personal story as a kid from Michigan myself.  I had no direction, no plan, and no job, but I always knew Southern California is where I wanted to be.  5 years ago I packed my car, left Michigan, and here I am.   Eric had a solid engineering background and some great experience (much more than I ever had), so I really highlighted the fact that all he needs to do is take that first leap and let Talener do the rest.

Eric told me he was probably going to make a trip out towards the end of the year, but not more than two days later he sent an email saying he’d be in LA in a week – it’s go time.

From day one Eric was wide open to everything.  I guess the biggest part of a recruiter / candidate relationship is trust.  Eric knew that we understood his desires and trusted us to put him into a position he could develop and grow into in California.  We had a great understanding of his background and most importantly, what he actually wanted to do.  He’s a great guy that truly was a pleasure to work with and let us do what we do best – get him in front of our clients and line up offers.

After every interview Eric was 100% honest with us in how he felt they went, and how interested he was in the company – which is priceless.  There were multiple places that wanted Eric, but he was always focused on what was best for him in the long run.  His feedback was always immediate and he kept his schedule completely wide open and dedicated to finding that perfect position.  When a candidate does that, it allows us to achieve our highest potential, and what you get in the end is two completely satisfied parties with mutual trust and respect.  This is truly a model of how a recruiting firm is designed to work – two pieces in the puzzle working together for the same goal.


Congratulations on a job well done Eric!!!!

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