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Hi there and welcome to our second November installment of Meet Our Staff!  This week we are spotlighting Christian Free, a Relationship Manager in our LA office.  Christian is a fan of “highly caffeinated” road trips, that involve the middle of nowhere and strange road side attractions (giant balls of twine, anyone?) and was once asked to be a contestant on Wipeout by a Senior Engineer who really enjoyed meeting with Talener, and who apparently had an “in” with one of the producers. We are all still trying figure out why he never took advantage of that.  Here’s a little more about Christian:

1.) Why did you decide to work for Talener?

The opportunity to build a brand for myself, and reap the benefits of my own hard work, were the most compelling parts of the job as it was explained to me. The fact that the people I’d be doing it with too seemed pretty cool was a great plus as well.

2.) What’s the one thing you love about your job?

I love that I’m a nexus for an incredible amount of information – and that I need to deploy that information strategically to create mutually beneficial outcomes for clients and candidates. In short – this job forces me to learn and get really smart, really quick.

3.) How has the technology job market changed in the last couple of years in LA / or SF?

Los Angeles, while definitely a trend-setter in many realms, is definitely a major trend-follower when it comes to technology – the latest trends in Mobile technology, Content Management and Front-End engineering that we’ve seen emerge in other tech epicenters (i.e. NYC, SF) are now starting to gain a significant foothold in SoCal. As well, there’s been a very noticeable increase in the use of higher-level Open Source technologies, like Ruby (on Rails), which we’re definitely capitalizing on every day.

4.) Favorite quote:

Every man builds his world in his own image. He has the power to choose, but no power to escape the necessity of choice. – Ayn Rand

To find out more about Christian, please feel free to look him up on our LA Team Page or feel free to reach out to him via email/phone/LinkedIn.  To find out more about additional members of our team, tune in next month for December’s Meet the Staff highlights or click on our Team Page and pick an office!

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