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Every year Talener hosts a March Madness contest across all of our offices. The objective being that the teams that wins each bracket gets a dinner on Talener and the overall winner gets their name on Talener’s March Madness Trophy. The winning teams for 2013 were:

Bracket # 1 – (NYC-FE & Mobile) “The Ollie-Oops”

Bracket # 2 – (NYC-OS) “Full Court WordPress”

Bracket # 3 – (NYC-SW Eng) “You Just Got SQL Served”

Bracket # 4 – (LA- PM & MS) “It’s Hard Out Here for a PiMP”


Male MVP- Justin Cottrell (Manager, NYC-FE & Mobile)

Female MVP- Kim Siembieda (Manager, BOS-FE & OS)


OVERALL WINNING TEAM- NYC- FE & Mob (seen here with their winning moose trophy)

March Madness Winners 

Congratulations to all of the winners!

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