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Today in Talener History, September 20th, 2010 we hired Kim Siembieda and Daniel Nooromid.  


Kim Siembieda, aka bOSton_Bieda, hails from the fighting city of Philadelphia.  She, like her idol Rocky Balboa, took a few shots in the face when she started, but has done an amazing job at Talener.  Kim recently moved to Boston and runs our Open-Source team.  She’s a die-hard Flyers fan and is often seen at the 7s on Charles Street.  


Daniel Nooromid, aka Tea Cup, moved up to New York from Atlanta, GA.  Dan is a lightning rod and it seems like he knows everyone in the state of Georgia.  Dan’s favorite song is, “Dynamite” and he loves seeing pictures of his boss, Rory Bebbington, being dragged around Long Island Sound on a tube.  Dan moved to LA almost a year ago.  He is a great leader, friend and mentor.  

Congratulations to both Kim and Daniel on an eventful first 2 years at Talener.   

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