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When you’ve graduated from a two- man operation in a garage office, but haven’t quite signed a lease for a Silicon Valley address- where does that leave you? As a startup, scaling out your business comes with challenges at every level of your business. This includes your hiring process. Knowing the roles needed, your story, and having a defined process will allow for streamlined movement forward in your company’s path to success.

Tell Your Story Well
You might be the one on the interviewer’s side of the desk, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t also being interviewed. As a startup or small operation, you must be able to sell yourself in a way that instills confidence in your future employees. Are they going to get paid? What has been done with that Series A funding? What about the product or service itself? Can it revolutionize the crowded startup space?

Know your story. Know it well. If you can’t get buy-in from candidates in the interview process, reconsider how you tell it. Make sure it can be understood by everyone. This means breaking down the story for tech candidates, account executives and everyone in between. At the end of the day, if your candidates don’t buy-in early, they may decide that your startup isn’t right for them.

Have Well-Defined Roles
If you aren’t clear about the exact roles that you need, wait to interview. The interview process should be streamlined; and part of streamlining the process is understanding what roles you need specifically. Often, we see clients who spend two to three weeks interviewing before realizing that they need another skill set. This leads to missed opportunities on potential fits.

Streamline the Process
Is your process clear, concise, and timely? Be mindful about keeping pace with the market. On average, most of the top candidates that we (recruiters) work with come on and off the market with 10 days. Having the right interview process in place that takes human capital movement into account is necessary.
Qualify, Don’t Disqualify.

Don’t look for reasons to not interview someone. For first round interviews, interview everyone who might be a fit. Yes, there will certainly be things missing on a resume that might disqualify them from being hired, but don’t let those reasons hinder the first round interview process.

Above all, be true to your startup, your vision, and goals. Organized and streamlined hiring practices will give you the right talent at the right time, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business that need to grow and develop. Sell your story and let your future employees sell your story.  Have questions about the hiring process or scaling out your own startup? Get in touch with Justin, our  Regional VP of Sales, today.

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