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Do you ever avoid a destination because it’s over a bridge, too confusing to get to, or too dangerous? Would you avoid those same destinations even it was for your dream job? Our San Francisco team works with many candidates regarding commute, location and important factors to be considered when interviewing. “About 90% of candidates mention location when looking for a job. Often, it’s not just geography they consider, but also traffic patterns around the city. For instance, there are certain bridges or routes that are musts to avoid for some people.” San Francisco Director of the DevOps & Systems Administration team, Margo Slaff, comes across candidates quite often who will not even consider a position that does not meet their commuting preferences.

How do companies attract employees who do not want to make the daily commute to their office?  More organizations are starting to change their policies and benefits surrounding daily commutes.  Sara Madding, Director of the JavaScript & Mobile team in San Francisco, is seeing these changes at that clients with whom she works. “Larger companies are offering shuttles from public transportation hubs to their offices to ease the stress of commuting on their employees. Some smaller companies who don’t have the funds to support this type of benefit are offering more remote opportunities and flexible arrival times.  This can bring in candidates who live further outside an area who would be a great fit for the role.”

Adding to the list of recruiting challenges, commuting in major metros like San Francisco has become an important factor for organizations looking to attract top talent.  One particular issue that Madding and Slaff have run into are the two distinct markets in the San Francisco Bay area.  It is more likely to find a candidate with a car if they live in Silicon Valley versus living within the San Francisco city limits. Having a car gives people more options of where they are willing to commute because they have their own mode of transportation. However, those who live within the San Francisco limits typically rely on public transportation and do not need cars for their daily lives.

Whether it’s the close commute or flexible work hours, it’s always important to talk to the company or your recruiter to explain your needs.

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