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A look into's AnalyticsIf you didn’t know, a few months ago we did a major overhaul of The big switch from our old all-black site aimed to provide a whole new experience for visitors: responsive-design for devices of all shapes and sizes, a more organized site layout, an easier application experience, and new, relevant content for those looking to learn more about our business.

Behind the scenes, our new website provided a whole new level of user insight to help us continually improve the visitor experience. In paying closer attention to our Google Analytics, we’ve pulled a few interesting insights about our website visitors. While we can’t make overarching judgments about the behavior of general job seekers, we certainly can infer some patterns and present some predictions on how and why people are using our site. Without further ado…

  • Who’s Visiting? With the majority of our website visitors eventually winding up on our job board to search through our recent openings, and a decent number actually applying, most of our website visitors are clearly interested in a new job. Many potential clients also check the board to see what type of positions we typically fill.
  • Weekends mean more free time for job applications… right? Although many would assume that the weekend is prime time for applying to jobs, our website tells us otherwise with Wednesday, Thursday and Friday actually being the hottest days of the week. Website traffic and application numbers actually drop significantly Job Applicationover the weekend. Keeping this lower traffic in mind, weekends may actually be a great time to apply for our openings. Our recruiters check their inboxes over the weekend and you’ll have a leg up on early interviews for the upcoming week.
  • After Lunch Job Check? As the clock ticks towards 5pm, more and more actually visit our website, with a particular spike right after the typical lunch hours. When coupled with the fact that more applicants roll in towards the end of the week, we can guess that employees looking to switch jobs are getting antsier at the end of the day and week and start to look at the open employment options.
  • A Look at the Mobile Job Hunter: Our mobile traffic (from both phones and tablets) hovers around 15% of our entire site’s traffic, yet even with a mobile-optimized site and an incredibly simple application process, we only receive a limited number of mobile-submitted applications. While job seekers are certainly browsing openings, it they head back to their computers to complete the process. This may be a good thing as applicants have an easier time customizing resumes and cover letters, paying more attention to details than with an application submitted on-to-go.

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