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Happy Anniversary, Talener!

Yesterday, Talener celebrated eight years in business. It would be an understatement to say that the time has flown by. They have been filled with wonderful people & memories.

I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who has made Talener into the company it is today; a well-respected IT staffing firm that works tirelessly to provide exciting opportunities for employees, to deliver top talent to its clients, and to provide incredible jobs to its candidates. So bear with me, as I get a bit nostalgic & reflect on some of the great people and memories. I feel truly blessed to have had the chance to work with so many people over the years. While you may not know every name or story personally, each one has impacted Talener and has built it to what it is today.

Day One:

Talener was born in a 20’x20’, midtown Manhattan conference room, on April 2nd 2007. At the helm- Chris, Ashley and I, took on the IT staffing world. On Day 3, Ashley asked if she could set up a computer collecting dust in the corner. Of course! But, I said, “You have to set all of them up.” I was thrilled—I had no idea how to do it.

Chris placed our very first candidate, Alex, into a quality assurance job. We may have celebrated a bit too much, but it was a milestone. Talener was no longer just a name, we were a fee earning business. And then—it happened again! I placed our second candidate, Rahul, with Patricia at a midtown bank. But it was not without its difficulties- Rahul decided to take another job the night before his interview with our client. After some persuasion, Rahul agreed to go to his interview. Instead of moving to Detroit, he took the contract with the bank stayed for nearly two years!

Our First Hire:

With two deals under our belt, it was time to hire! Pat came to us as a blessing in disguise. He kept Ashley, Chris, and I from killing each other in our tiny cube of an office. Pat started training on his first day and was so overwhelmed by all of the information that I had to take him out for a beer before 3pm. Once that hurdle was cleared, Pat became an integral part of the Talener team and eventually gave all of us nicknames. From the Heronater to Matty Boom Batty, HB Blades to Winstonian, he had a name for everyone. While growing as a company, we also grew as friends. Pat helped out at our son’s birthday (in the sweltering heat) by holding our youngest, Nina, and running back and forth from the car to get cold drinks.

Talener is…

Talener is so many things. We are a community of people who work hard and play hard.  We have a great time with our clients and we would not be here if they hadn’t believed in our abilities.

Talener is sharing success. Greg, a Migration Project Manager Consultant, was hired and then (on the same day) a few years later, we celebrated his promotion to director at the same company.

Talener is about relationships. In 2008, our client, Leslie hired some of our best web producers in New York. From celebrating the successes with Leslie and Mike to Yankee games with Andrew, and wine filled lunches with Betsy—these four clients helped me build what Talener has become today. While you may not know these four people, I will be forever thankful for their support. These relationships are what make Talener great.

Talener is growing. From our early New York City days, we have grown significantly. Curt (Belly Buds) Williams and Rory started our Los Angeles office in 2009 while Tobias & Zen opened San Francisco in 2010. Not to be outdone—Rob, Kim, Ashley & Ben charged into Boston in 2012 and Dan, Ashley, Jacob and David took on chilly Chicago in 2013. And most recently, in January of this year Justin, Margo, Kate & Chris moved to our nation’s capital to break into one of the hottest new tech markets—Washington DC. To all of you, I sincerely hope that you’ve had as much fun as I had starting a new office.


Starting Talener has not been without its struggles. Like any start up, we tripped over printer cords, dealt with dropped calls, internet outages, canceled meetings, and no-show candidates. But those aren’t the memories that stay with me. The memories that stay with me are those that make me proud of my staff for taking a leap of faith to help Talener flourish.

In Closing:

I want to thank all of you, including my current circle of trust- Henry, Tobias, Rory & Chris. It is always a pleasure to have you on the team and work with you every day. Your courage, strength, energy and unwavering belief in Talener allows me to sleep at night. I know we will accomplish our goal of making Talener the best IT staffing firm. I cannot express my sincere appreciation enough. My belief and commitment in you is unwavering. There have been countless other people who have contributed to Talener, and to all of you (you know who you are), please know that you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Rare a day goes by when you are not remembered. The stories always end with a laugh and a smile.

The past eight years at Talener have been filled with great memories, stories & people. I anxiously await what the next eight years will bring. Oh, the places we will go!


With Sincere Thanks,

Michael Dsupin

CEO, Talener

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