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Last Friday in our LA office,  I gave a presentation on an article I read off Monster featuring 10 common traits that project a professional employee.  The topic is current to our office as we continue to expand and are happily joined by our newest LA members: Mike Bishop and  Bennett Florence.  As a startup ourselves in 2007, Talener has seen many changes and grown over the last six years (and continues).

As I described the following 10 common traits for a professional, the office discussion the importance of each trait, what we already do to foster it and where our weakness are for future improvement.

10 Professional Characteristics:

  1. Competence.
  2. Reliability.
  3. Honesty.
  4. Integrity.
  5. Respect for others.
  6. Self-Upgrading (currently working on).
  7. Being positive: a trait Talener employees exhibit strongly and provides to our candidates.
  8. Supporting others: another trait we provide everyday here at Talener.
  9. Staying work-focused.
  10. Listening carefully:  everyone agreed this is a very critical trait to our success.

The idea is these points show the various factors that attribute to one’s positive reputation.  We also discussed how trying to obtain these traits will benefit not only our success, our candidates’ success but also our increased self-worth as an individual working with others.


By: Amy Lee Quarles

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