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Tuesday, April 4th marked National Equal Pay Day – a day put into place by the National Committee on Pay Equity in 1996 as a way to generate public awareness regarding the pay gap between men’s and women’s wages.  Now, in 2017, the topic of inclusive hiring practices has never been more important.  Typically, women and minorities earn less than their male counterparts, even though women are joining the workforce and graduating college at a higher rate than men.

The discussion has become more important as individual cities and states have opted into laws that forbid using salary as a qualifier for future salary decisions.  Massachusetts will enact the salary-asking ban in 2018 and New York City, after putting a ban into place for its city workers, is now looking to prohibit any NYC employer from inquiring about a candidate’s salary history – including benefits, bonuses, or commissions.

In the upcoming weeks, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign this new amendment that has been approved by the New York City Council.  The idea, and goal, is to find a way to compensate an employee based on their experience rather than their salary history.  This means that someone who has started their professional life underpaid does not continue the cycle of underpayment.

Powerbase Meditation Founder, Danielle Kayembe, along with Talener’s Head of Training and Strategic Partnerships, Tiffany Roesler and NYC Directors Kim Siembieda and Alicia Scully will dive into the second part of the #TalenerMVMT series: Coalition for Inclusive Hiring Practices on Tuesday, May 9th.  They will cover topics that build upon the first Coalition for Inclusive Hiring Practices event as well as illustrate ways to have salary conversations (without the salary!), navigate changes in the workplace, and Danielle will illustrate some self-created techniques for meditation for women.

If you missed the first Coalition for Inclusive Hiring Practices event, you can read the coverage here. The second part of the series is open to anyone interested in inclusive hiring practices. For more information or to RSVP, click here.

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