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By: Brady Kain

With the upcoming football season, the amount of online gambling transactions will increase dramatically. Online gambling has become a huge issue in America today given the advances in web technologies and the highly interactive platforms that online gambling sites now run on. Due to modern technology, gambling websites are able to offer a broad range of functions ranging from video slot machines, casino table games such as blackjack and roulette, and sportsbook betting on various sporting events. These sophisticated platforms make it incredibly easy for large amounts of people to gamble in the comfort of their own home without traveling to hubs such as Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

The problem with these developments is that it is illegal in most states in the United States causing most sites to be run illegally through foreign locations and outside the jurisdiction of United States laws and taxes. These sites are generating massive amounts of revenue and the United States is missing out on taxes of all of the revenue. Also it encourages illegal activity as it is difficult to enforce age restrictions and not all of the sites are legitimate and some people are victims to fraud and theft.

For this reason, people have encouraged online gambling to become legal in the United States so people can engage in this activity securely and safely. It is widely believed that people will engage in these activities regardless via offshore websites if it is legal or not; so United States officials should legalize it to increase safety and security and in order to gain the tax revenue off a highly profitable industry. The urgency of this issue is becoming more and more apparent given the advances in web technologies in recent years. It has become incredibly easy to develop software that enables huge amounts of people to engage in these illegal activities and as a result the United States must respond by trying to eliminate these illegal websites and possibly making it legal within the United States.

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