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Chicago | Carly Bellock

How can you make yourself stand out at a new job? What’s a good way to step out of your comfort zone to change the way you learn and work? Starting a new job can be nerve wracking and getting to know new people doesn’t always come easily for everyone.

About five months ago, I started working as a Relationship Manager at Talener. Networking has become my source for meeting new people, learning about the industry that I’m in, and standing out in a world full of recruiters.

I found myself in an industry where I was rapidly learning about sales and recruiting, but didn’t know a lot about how technology was integrated into different industries. I strived to learn more about the industry; putting every piece of knowledge I had into my work.

I learned about a local meetup at a restaurant and signed myself up. The networking meetup, held by ChickTech, focuses on boosting the confidence of women and girls in technology. The non-profit hosts programs to ensure that women in tech have the knowledge and resources they need for success.

I took a step out of my comfort zone and attended the event. I even took the time to speak with an attendee who volunteered for ChickTech’s Chicago chapter. From there, the conversation moved fluidly, and I knew that I needed to bring ChickTech & their annual ACT-W Conference back to Talener. It’s daunting as a new employee to approach your company about sponsoring an event, but this was a great opportunity to be a part of an organization that promotes women and girls in technology.

The next morning, after preparing myself and my pitch, I went to the Chicago Talener team to start the process of becoming a sponsor. Two months later, we had a booth, a speaking session at the ACT-W Conference covered by Tiffany Roesler, and full social media coverage of the event.

And all it took was a bit of courage to ask for what I wanted. By putting myself out there, I was able to engage with an organization while learning more about technology. Ultimately, it led to establishing a great relationship and I established credibility within the meetup group and at work.

No matter what role you play in an organization, it is important to know that networking and creating professional relationships can somehow, directly or indirectly, impact your organization and showcase your capabilities. As a new Relationship Manager, I have been focused on making the right client connections. This gave me the opportunity to not only introduce myself to new, potential talent, but to introduce my organization and what we do to help the tech community. Networking is something I will be continuing with throughout my career; I wasn’t there for only promoting women in tech, but to get more involved with technology to let people know recruiters are not just head hunters, but instead here to help the community find their fit in the industry.

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