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Tiffany Roesler started with Talener in February of 2010 and has been an inspiring addition to the Talener team ever since.  Tiffany actually received an offer from a different staffing company the same day Henry Boulos, VP, East Coast, called her about the job at Talener.  She and Henry bonded over Rugby and Staten Island and by the time she finished her interview, she says she knew three things: “These guys are a riot, Mike Dsupin is building an empire and I want in, and they have a clear training program for people who know nothing about technology or staffing.”  Tiffany also liked Talener’s specialized teams. 
Tiffany feels the main difference between job seekers on the west coast vs. job seekers on the east coast is that company pride is much more important to candidates on the west coast.  Her favorite thing about working at Talener: “that it’s my job to represent and bring out the best in my people, candidates and clients.”
Tiffany has just taken on a new challenge in becoming the new Director of our SF office and we are excited to see the wonderful things coming from Tiffany and her new teams!

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