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Maggie Brett-Bowen originally started with Talener in March of 2011 in our San Francisco office and recently transferred to our New York City office.  Maggie came to Talener from a nursing background and had never worked in an office environment.  She really liked the open plan of the office and the collaboration and camaraderie that comes from working in a place where there are no cubicles to hide behind.   Maggie said, “Because Talener was so choosy when hiring me- I think it may have taken 4 interviews- I knew that all of my colleagues would be really talented and engaging people. It turns out I was right, and I’ve remained close friends with everyone even after relocating offices.”  Maggie loves helping people find their dream jobs and said it has helped her make the move from nursing because she is still changing people’s lives for the better.

We asked Maggie what some of the differences between the San Francisco and New York technology markets are and she said:

“San Francisco has Facebook and Google, but they also have a lot of smaller consumer facing startups that offer insane benefits like multiple beer taps and work from home Fridays even if they’re not profitable because they have so much funding. Technology is a lifestyle there and work is really mobile- every café is filled with developers or business people working on the latest and greatest things… in New York there are starting to be more startups like that, but a lot of our clients are the big established media giants.  In both New York and San Francisco, the more successful startups of late have been business to business.”

When not tracking down the best candidates working with the hottest technologies, Maggie can be found spending time with her husband and their new dog, with a glass of wine in hand, either watching UK television shows or creating Europop playlists on spotify.

She has been an excellent addition to the recruiting staff in New York and we are very happy to see her continue to grow with Talener!

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