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Talener Group is big fan of promotion from within and creating opportunities for rock stars within our organization.  Someone who has recently benefited from this policy is Chris Fanning.  Chris started with Talener in our LA office in October of 2011 and came up through the ranks in that office.  In May 2013, Chris returned to his roots in New York when he was asked to come and manage the Open Source team in our NYC office.   Having already placed his bets on Talener once when he accepted a job in our LA office and moved across country, Chris packed it all in again and moved back.  He has been a welcome addition here.   If you ask Chris about why he decided to accept a role at Talener, he speaks of a friend who referred him to Talener who had already been working here for a while:

“It seemed like every time we spoke he had closed another deal, gotten a raise or won some sort of contest. Then I heard of some guy doing 17 deals in one month… which topped it off for me. Considering I was with another staffing agency at the time with none of those perks it really caught my attention. Then when I met Mike (Talener’s CEO) and heard about the upward mobility and the merit based promotion system I felt really comfortable with making the jump and moving out to LA to work under Rory who had closed those 17 deals!”

Among the many things Chris loves about working at Talener (besides the aforementioned raises and promotions!), he quickly discovered how much he enjoyed working with people who were coming right out of college.    Making the transition out of school to your first job is always tough,  then add everything else that comes along with becoming an adult, it can feel overwhelming; so being able to give advice on hurdles he had experienced a few years before was a really good feeling.

Given that Chris has had some experience in the New York Market and in the LA  market, we asked him how they are different and he said:

“NY and LA are very different, with NY being well, much more efficient. Companies here are established which makes it much easier to do business. LA has a lot of start ups so you really need to pick and choose who you are going to put time and effort into. Also, Drupal runs the show here in NYC whereas ZEND is king in LA. Both markets are doing really well right now, so either way I’m just happy I have gotten a chance to work in both of them.”

Chris recently proposed to his girlfriend (she said yes!) who doesn’t seem to mind the fact that one of his favorite things to do is compare sunset pictures with Jacob Bearman (currently in our LA office, soon to be in Chicago) on Instagram.  He is settling into life here in New York and has even taken up terrace gardening.   If you are looking for a job in New York City, please feel free to reach out to Chris and our Open Source team through our NY Team Page.

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