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Brandon started with our New York Recruiting team in January of this year and has been a great addition to the energy here in our New York office.  In addition to growing his skills as a recruiter, Brandon is also one of the all star team of Talener people who quit smoking this year.  Brandon works most closely with our NY Open Source team and says that the thing he loves most about his job is:  “I work with a great group of people. I like the teams I interact with everyday. Except on Mondays. I’d slap my own grandmother on a Monday…”

After struggling to find a job that didn’t involve bringing food and cocktails to the tables of New York’s rudest, Brandon felt very unsure about the future of his career.  “When Mike Dsupin (Talener CEO) explained the logistics of what I would be doing, I thought working with Talener would be a great platform to help others find security and fulfillment in their job search, in a way that I hadn’t always been able to.” 

Brandon brings an interesting blend of fresh air and cheekiness to our office as evidenced by his answer to the question “What is your favorite past time?”:

“I enjoy watching Buffy while eating carbs followed by having cocktails and puffing on my electronic cigarette. I try to get as much of this done on my lunch break as possible.”

We’re glad you are here, Brandon – although we may try and avoid you on Mondays…

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