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Ariel Kahn started with Talener in September 2012 and has been a force on the NY Open Source Team and an active, lead organizer of Talener’s NY W.I.T. branch ever since.  Ariel first came to NYC on a family trip in February of 2012 and realized she wanted to be here permanently as soon as she graduated.  She reached out to everyone she knew here and connected with Daniel Nooromid, who she had known growing up.  Dan talked to her about Talener Group and his excitement about the job intrigued her.  After speaking with Henry Boulos about the job and hearing the Talener story and meeting the Talener team, she was excited to come on board.  We asked Ariel how she felt about the technology market in New York City and here is what she had to say:

“New York is an amazing place to be involved in the technology industry. It’s one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the U.S. The technology job market is always changing. It’s so competitive and it’s advancing at an amazing pace. We are at an advantage here in New York because there are so many different companies here to work with!”

In addition to the pace and the variety, Ariel said that she loves being able to help people get jobs, and that she really enjoys her team and the structure that has helped her grow and be successful.  Outside of work, Ariel is really into music and enjoys going to concerts with her friends as well as going on motorcycle rides with her dad.  Her zest for life is clearly working for her, we asked her what the strangest thing a candidate has ever asked her and she said: “Soooo, what are you doin’ tonight?”

If you are working with open source technology or looking for a job in that sphere, reach out to Ariel and the open source team, their contact information is available on our TEAM page!

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