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Rory Bebbington has been with Talener Los Angeles since its earliest days, when he and one other person were in temporary office space trying to build our presence in that market from scratch.  Rory was drawn to Talener because of the vision that Mike Dsupin, CEO, had of what a staffing agency could to be.  A business that operates the right way and doesn’t need to take short cuts to do the right thing – he wanted to be a part of something like that.

Rory’s journey has taken him from England (where he was born and raised), to Australia and finally to Los Angeles and to Talener.  Rory’s experience started early on when he sold windows door to door as a teenager (he says it was miserable) and evolved over the years through a successful career as a DJ and into recruiting.  He brings all of this experience to Talener in his job as the Director of our Los Angeles office where he loves the people that he works with and the flexibility to choose who he wants to work with.   Rory has a passion for working with people that are driven by honesty, integrity and have passion for doing things the right way.   He trains and develops his staff with the same attitude which makes for a great office/company culture.

Given his travels and his experience, we asked Rory how the technology market in LA was different from some of the other cities Talener works in and this is what Rory had to say:

“…it’s definitely growing and at quite a rapid rate. LA is very entertainment focused and therefore quite a creative melting pot. That being said, the amount of tech startups that have been springing up all over town in the last year has been quite phenomenal.”

Here are some other things you should know about Rory:

  1. 1. In addition to all of his many accomplishments, Rory is a very charming guy and I’m   sure only about 10% of it is due to the English accent and 10% is due to the bawdy sense of humor.  Rory is so charming that he once had a candidate ask him for his autograph!    

  2. 2. In our first official office space in Los Angeles Rory used to literally run to the office in the morning and run home at night.

  3. 3. Rory loves Football…I mean Soccer…I mean…

If your company is located in or you are looking for a job in Los Angeles, please feel free to give Rory and his team a call (424)208-5400, and they can help you with all of your technology staffing needs!

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