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“Is there a way to guarantee I get the job I want?” Is a question that Robert Laughlin has heard from more than one candidate.  “I wish I knew!  I would be doing a lot more placements if I had that answer. There are certainly ways help your chances but nothing is guaranteed when it comes to the job hunt – just do your best to be prepared,” is Rob’s answer to that question.   Rob started with Talener in New York City in June of 2010.  After graduating from school, Rob was looking for an opportunity to join a growing company where he could quickly develop his business skills in a professional and successful environment.  According to Rob, “Talener proved a great vehicle to achieve those goals.  More specifically, Talener’s “promote from within,” philosophy was attractive to me as someone looking for leadership opportunities early in their career.”

When Talener SF expanded, he moved out there to run our MS practice in that office.   Something Rob really enjoys about his job is that success at Talener is directly related to the time and effort spent on perfecting and executing our craft. As a result, Talener employees have a tremendous amount of control over their career progression, geographic location and income potential.

Rob made his most recent move for Talener to open our Boston office as the Director there on June 4, 2012.  This marks a move home of sorts for Rob who is from MA and has been looking forward to getting back to the east coast to make his mark.  We asked Rob what how the technology markets in the three cities compare and Rob said this:

“I found these three technology markets far more similar than one might expect; all three markets are experiencing incredible growth and the demand for intelligent software professions is highly visible in start-ups and large organizations alike. There is certainly a more permeating technology “buzz,” out on the West Coast, especially with the social media and software giants like Facebook and Google.  From an industry standpoint, there is certainly a larger software product and social media focus out in San Francisco compared to the Media/Publishing presence in NYC or the Healthcare/Medical services leadership in Boston.”

If your company is located in Boston, please feel free to give Rob and his team a call (617)651-8070, and they can help you with all of your technology staffing needs.  Good luck to Rob and the whole Talener Boston team!

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