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How to Improve Staffing Results: An Agency PerspectiveTalener’s CEO Mike Dsupin recently shared his thoughts with journalist John Rossheim for a piece on how clients can ensure the best results from their staffing agency. The piece hit upon some excellent points, some of which we’ve expanded upon below:

1. Stick to One Agency
Put your trust into one agency. This doesn’t mean you have to sign up with a retained search firm and be contractually obligated to hire from them, but relying on one, dedicated service adds a much-appreciated element of trust for both the recruiters, as well as candidates. By sending your open position to multiple agencies you may also risk the chance of having the same candidate submitted by different agencies, as some do not verify candidates’ job search history as well as others. Remember: quality over quantity!

2. Go Straight To The Source and Deal with the Hiring Manager
Who knows better about the job than the direct hiring manager? While a job description may be a launching point for getting a feel for the job, what’s best is an open and honest conversation with the person who understands exactly what is imperative in the job and knows who they actually want to work with on a day-to-day basis. We understand that sometimes resume may have to filter through Human Resources or other managers, but we’ve always found that dealing with and hearing feedback from the actual go-to person is the best bet for a quick hire.

3. Company Culture – Not Just a Buzzword
In technology staffing, programming languages and database knowledge are the backbone of any position. But equally as important is an understanding of your company’s unique environment – from dress codes to working hours to everything in between. We ask a lot of questions to get the feel for your company, but what’s most helpful is actually visiting your space so we can see where your next employee will be working. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you can just imagine the benefits we get from an in-person visit!

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