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linkedin-300-million-usersToday via their official blog, LinkedIn announced their latest milestone: over 300 million registered members across the globe. In the past few years alone, LinkedIn has made a huge transition from what was once more or less an online resume hub to a content-rich platform used everyday by millions of professionals. Here at Talener, we use LinkedIn everyday to connect with new professionals, stay on top of industry and network updates, and allow candidates to easily apply with their accounts through our job board.

It’s worth noting how LinkedIn publicizes their user statistics. While other major social networks like Facebook and Twitter share their active monthly users, LinkedIn instead actively chooses to highlight registered users. While it’s likely that active membership numbers are much lower than other social networks, they have gained significant traffic among mobile users and their international user base.

Over the years LinkedIn has attempted to diversify to include additional services and applications: a contact management application, a news aggregator, the purchase of presentation-distributor Slideshare, and several other business verticals. While some may think of LinkedIn as just a playground for recruiters, the growing social network has expanded to be a valuable resource for people across all industries and geographies, as illustrated in the infographic found below.
300 Million LinkedIn Members

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