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Ideal Startup Employee Traits

It’s no surprise that working at a startup is markedly different from your more traditional corporate office job. With slim budgets and an eye always on growth, employees are expected to be masters within their job’s specialty area, brand evangelists who are able to promote the company’s mission, and have the highest level of dedication.

But what other work traits are typically desired at startups? Our employee Tim Olesnavage recently spoke with Leslie Stevens-Huffman from Dice News about what startup clients are looking for in their next employee. Among the list of desired traits:

Resiliency: The ability to keep running and find solutions in the face of recurring roadblocks.

Self-Motivation: Limited direction and management means employees must be able to take initiative and be comfortable making risky decisions.

Flexibility: From a tech perspective, typically super specialists aren’t needed. Instead you should be comfortable working across all stages of the development life cycle as you’ll probably be expected to code, test, architect and interface with initial customers.

To see what else startup founders are looking for, check out the complete list on Dice News.

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