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The job search today is vastly different than the days of faxing resumes, paging candidates and wearing a suit & tie to work. It seems like everyone is on the job market. With a click of a button, you put yourself out there. But where is there? And if everyone is on the job market, how do you separate yourself from the millions of resumes that have also been uploaded in the blink of an eye?

Going back 25 years (yep, we admit it, some of us have over 25 years of staffing experience) – the market has evolved at a pace we never would have expected. But that 25 years of experience means that when Talener opened in 2007, we understood the importance of being specialized and localized to better serve the mobile and vast job market.

So, is it easier or is it harder to find a job today? When you’re trying to separate yourself from hundreds of resumes (seriously, there can be hundreds of resumes submitted online for one job), the idea of competing with people that have similar backgrounds can be daunting. That’s where we come in. We provide market expertise in your tech stack and location at no cost to you. This is a service we provide to elevate your profile against others that are applying on their own.

No matter the market, or the generation of the job search, one thing has remained a constant: Hiring is about relationships. It’s that fun word: networking. Jobs are often found through referrals. It’s that foot in the door that pushes you to the top of the list. Just like dating websites, job boards are a sea of candidates that don’t really tell your whole story. One of the rules that we follow at Talener is that the business of job placement is about meeting and connecting people. This is why we meet every candidate and go on-site to every client. That way, we can represent your full profile; we are your foot in the door.

Want to know the difference between meeting with us and blasting your resume out to 20 job boards? During an interview, a Technical Product Manager told us about their Agile/Scrum experience, but didn’t list it on their resume. Because, for them, it was a given. It’s like telling an NBA Basketball player to list dribbling as a skill. The candidate assumed that everyone would know he had it. But the manager hiring for the role complained that they lacked the required experience in Agile/Scrum. Had we never met with this person, we could have never been able to tell a hiring manager, that they do, in fact have the requisite experience.

The opposite can also be true. A highly skilled candidate lists Agile/Scrum all over the resume, making the hiring manager feel as if they are “fluffing up the resume” because they lack real experience. Resumes, like online profiles are up for interpretation. This is why using a highly specialized firm, like Talener, is important to get the whole story.

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