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JavaScript is a programming language that makes website more interactive. “Frosting on the cake” is the stigma JavaScript used to hole, it was difficult to use and encouraged poor programming practices.  However, the tables are turning and JavaScript is looking at a promising future because of its functionality.  It is currently the top language used on GitHub and is often recommended as the 1st language to learn for beginners.

JavaScript and AS3 are the only client-side scripting languages; therefore, it is used on almost every website.  Node.JS now allows JavaScript to be used on the server-side.  The value-add here is JavaScript and Node.JS, when combined with MongoDB allows entire sites to be built end to end.  The ability to use the same language on the front-end and back-end makes life easier for development teams. 

The roles of front-end developers and back-end developers are often blurred and confusing because, questions such as: ‘Who controls the tempting engine?’ and, ‘Who defines how the data is moved between the client and server?’ creates duplicate code and bugs.  One viable solution is for front-end developers to take more ownership of an application and RESTful-based web services, created by the back-end developer.

Prediction: People are going to be accessing everything on the web in the next 10 years and JavaScript will continue to become more popular. 

JavaScript is useful for all teams at Talener to be knowledgeable about.  While JavaScript is most relevant to the Front End team, JavaScript is going to be part of the equation in most jobs (Java, PHP, .Net and Mobile)!  JavaScript is becoming one of the hottest technologies out there right now especially with the addition of Node.JS becoming more mainstream.  Get on board with JavaScript!


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