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Israel’s Briefcam 

“When two bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15, the police and security officials in charge of investigating the attack turned immediately to the many video security cameras posted in the area.”

Combing such vast amounts of material would have taken months, or even years in the past, but with new video analytic technologies developed by Israel’s BriefCam according to publication, IsraelDefense, it took them just a few days to identify and track Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarneav, the two main suspects in the attack which killed three, and wounded 183. Within five days one of the terrorists was dead, the other arrested after a 22-hour manhunt.” states.

Israel’s surveillance equipment has been spreading worldwide. The BriefCam is one of the many tools that has been used by the US to benefit from. Technology is huge in Tel Aviv. says, “Considered the cultural capital of Israel, Tel Aviv has a young population and a 24-hour scene. These are two big ingredients why the city has so much venture capital and start-ups are so well-funded. With a population that spends more time online per capita than any other country, it appears the city is in a good spot to experience even more growth in the future.”

One thing to look out for is tech-based companies starting up in Israel and the one’s specifically opening offices all over America. NYC and LA are two big US tech hubs. Here are some of the Israeli companies with NYC offices to look out for:



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