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We are constantly inundated with images of those less fortunate than us.  From homelessness to abused pets, children without access to education or a lack of lifesaving vaccinations- we know that there are many places that our time, money, and effort can go to help those is need.

This November, as we approach the Holiday Season, Talener would like to take some time to support an effort that hits very close to home, but isn’t always at the forefront of our minds.  When we think of hunger, we often overlook a population that needs our help: seniors in our own communities.

Talener has chosen to support the hungry this holiday season.  17.6 million seniors have difficulty paying for basic living needs- including healthy meals.  Many people are unable to leave their homes to shop, cook healthy meals, and meet their needs.  In fact, 14.8 million of them are isolated; living alone.  Many would not be able to stay living in their homes without these services.

One year’s worth of meals delivered to a senior costs less than ONE day spent in a hospital.  Simply, this means that we can make a difference for our parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents. They can eat well, even when they are unable to go out due to injury, illness, weather, etc.

During the month of November, Talener will donate $50 for every Interview Session (known in our lingo as a ‘Company In’) that takes place in one of Talener’s six offices.  From NYC to Boston, Chicago to Washington DC and all the way out to our offices in San Francisco & Los Angeles, we want to rack up the interviews so that we can give the most amount of money.  If we reach over 100 interview sessions, then we’ll double it- $100 each!

What’s the catch?  There is no catch.  If you are looking to hire great tech talent this month and need to fill your staff roster- then it is a win-win.  You get to meet several pre-screened tech candidates in one interview session, receive immediate feedback from candidates, and decide on-site who will meet you for additional rounds.  By using our office space, we create a neutral environment for the candidates and it allows you to only bring those who you want to interview again, into your office.  There is no obligation to hire.  We will donate the $50 (and hopefully $100!) per interview session whether you hire one of our candidates or not.

This is our way of motivating our staff, bringing awareness to hunger within the senior population, and to give back to the communities that we call home.

If you would like to discuss a tech job that you would like to fill, contact one of our office directors (below) and they will be happy provide market & candidate trends, as well as the benefits to conducing first round interviews in our offices.

Thank you and we wish you a happy beginning to your holiday season!

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  • Los Angeles- Austin Douglas:
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