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Trying to hire really talented software developers continues to get harder and harder.  The market is so strong nowadays that the industry has labeled employed candidates looking for new jobs as “Passive Candidates.”  And let’s face it, 99% of great software developers are employed, so therefore, 99% of software engineers on the market are “Passive Candidates” (PC).

Here are a few tips that have helped our clients hire more of these “Passive Candidates.”

  1. Momentum: Keeping up excitement and interest is imperative throughout the entire process. From the time you talk to a “PC” about the job, to the time they come into the office for a 1st interview, to time to the “PC” has their 2nd interview, and the time to offer, energy is key.  When it comes to the process, the chase is half of the battle.
  2. Process: Have your interview process well-defined and make sure that all of the decision makers are available, in town, and ready to play their part in this story.  “PCs” are looking at the interviewing process as an example of how decisions are made and how things get done at the company.  Be organized, prepared, and ready to act.
  3. Offers: Make an offer, be ready to make a counter-offer, and then get the offer letter out.  Clearly overpaying will help you get the deal closed, but most of the time it is not really about the extra money or extra week of vacation. Instead, candidates want to think that they negotiated and didn’t leave anything on the table.  As with a hot housing market, competition is fierce and first offers are rarely accepted. In order to contend and close the deal, be ready to act swiftly.

These are 3 simple things that you can do to convert more “PCs” into hires.  For more information on this topic, please feel free to reach out to me anytime @michaeldsupin.  

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