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“Why should I work with Talener?” is a question we hope all of our candidates are asking themselves (and sometimes, they ask us as well!), not just about Talener specifically, but about any agency they are considering working with.  What can we do for your job search that you cannot or are not doing for yourself?  There are a couple of things that we can tap into that you as an individual may have a difficult time tapping into:

Agencies work urgent jobs. – “Urgent” in this case means it is a real job that is an immediate need for a company; not a position that they would like to       have, but will only fill when they find the right person or mix of skills or the stars align in the perfect way.  Working through Talener ensures that the job is real and they are looking to fill it in a timely manner and that the validity of the opportunity has been vetted before you take time off work or away from other aspects of your job search to go on an interview.

Agencies work with high paying customers. – What this means for you is that the companies we work with are in a better position to provide better benefits, higher salaries, etc.  In our experience, a company is not going to pay an agency fee and then turn around and refuse to pay top talent what they are worth.  In addition to that, working through Talener gives you a middle man in the negotiations that can help take some of the stress out of getting a company to match or beat your current bonus structure or benefit package, etc.

Agencies work with Top-Funded Start-Ups. – Everyone loves the idea of getting in on the ground level of a start up, but often what makes the difference between a start up that barely scrapes through its first year and a start-up that is poised to take the market by storm is its initial funding.  When Talener is working with start ups, we talk to them about their funding (Are they on their first round or second round?  Who is funding them?), how their product is developing, and if the monetization of their product is going as they’d hope.   These are many of the same questions potential investors would ask, and we ask them because when we place people at these sorts of start ups, those candidates are making an investment in that company’s future and we want to make sure that we guide everyone toward the right match.

Tap into the Agency’s Network. – You hear it over and over again in life “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  While that may not always be the case, unless you have a large network, an Agency can give you a direct line into hiring managers and companies that you might have trouble accessing under regular circumstances.  When you apply to a job on line, what happens to your resume and cover letter?  If you are lucky, you get an automated response, but many times, your submission disappears into the unknown.  A direct line to the hiring manager side steps that frustration and gives you an advocate who can talk up your skills and your fit for a particular job.

Overall, I would say that a major plus of working with an agency is that as a job seeker, you spend so much time trying to get through screenings and resume reviews and portfolio reviews without ever being able to talk to the person who makes the final decision.  Many times candidates who may be the perfect fit for the job are screened out by other people before the hiring manager ever sees their stuff because they are missing this certain skill or the HR person didn’t feel they were a fit for the company.  An agency in general, and Talener specifically, can be an advocate for you in this process to help you get around the laundry list of “must haves/nice to haves” to what the job actually entails.  Meeting with you ensures that we can let our hiring managers know who you are as a person – not just an anonymous list of skills and projects – and what you are looking for from a job and from life in general.   An Agency can match people with people as opposed to people with a list of requirements.

If you have any questions about the process here at Talener or would like further information, please feel free to reach out to us via email or the comments section below.

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