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As I am sure you are all aware, the 2012 election has come to a close.  We now do not have to suffer through the gut wrenching campaign smears from both parties, which are largely negative and sometimes downright nasty.  That being said, voter turnout this year for not only the Presidential race, but also Senate and Local races was extremely high.  Roughly 62.5 million voters went with President Obama, while 59 million Americans sided with former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.  Thus turnout was higher than the past three presidential elections, and after the voting was finalized, some interesting metrics emerged:

  • 52% of voters aged 18-49 voted for Obama
  • 39% of voters aged 18-49 voted for Romney


  • 44% of voters 50+ voted for Obama
  • 50% of voters 50+ voted for Romney

Needless to say, these numbers suggest that Obama had youth on his side.  One of the key topics that has been discussed recently is the possibility of Americans being able to cast their ballots online.  Aside from the obvious security issues and potential for corruption, online voting could really sway the political directions of the country. 

We deal with technology professionals on a daily basis.  How many would you say are over 50 years old?  Some for sure, but the overwhelming majority of hiring managers and candidates in our networks are in that 18-49 year zone.  There will always be folks who enjoy the nostalgic feeling of going to their local high school or community centers to cast their ballots, but I think it’s safe to say a lot of tech-savvy individuals will vote from their homes if that’s an option. 

If I were a powerful member of the Republican Party, I would be working with my colleagues to do everything in our powers to make sure online voting doesn’t happen.  As evidenced by the above stats, the majority of younger Americans have sided with the Democratic Party.  The majority of tech savvy folks are also in that 18-49 zone.  Simply by doing the math, online voting could really put a dent into political campaigns for the right-wing.

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