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Here is data that we received  from a client that shows their results of their recent search for a few Technology Positions.  It compares the results from their Internal Recruiting Department, Internal Referrals and the 6 staffing agencies that they used to help try and fill their roles.  They looked at the following data points:

1) How many resumes were submitted

2) How many of those resumes were accepted for the role

3) How many 1st round phone interviews resulted in an on-sight interview

4) How many full interviews that resulted in an offer

5) How many offers that were accepted

Recruiting Data (Talener) (Open up the PDF to see the actual results)

We had the following numbers:

32 Submittals

27 1st round phone interviews from the 32 submittals (84% of the resumes submitted resulted in a Phone Interview)

7 of those 27 phone interviews were asked in for a Face to Face interview (26% of our candidates passed the phone screen)

4 of the 7  candidates brought into the client for their thorough interview were presented with offers (57% accepted by client)

4 candidates were presented with offers and that resulted in 2 Placements (50% acceptance rate)

There is a lot to analyze here:

1) Submittals: You’ll see that we had the most submittals to the job.  Our teams are highly specialized and we ONLY service our local clients in the New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco areas.

2) Our Submittal to Phone Screen turn rate was 84%.  We have created a number of proprietary tools and a series of checks and balances to ensure that our teams understand our clients’ needs.  The other agency that presented a decent # of submittals, 26, their submittal to interviewed rate was only 38%.

3) Of the 27 Candidates that received a 1st round Phone Interview, 7 candidates were invited to the next step, roughly a 25% accepted rate.  Ideally this would be higher, but if we are presenting enough choices, we allow our clients the luxury of being picky.

4) Of the 7 candidates that completed the company’s internal interviewing process, 4 were presented with offers.  The result, 57% of our candidates to be interviewed got an offer!

5) 2 of those 4 offers were accepted.  The technology market is very competitive and top quality candidates are getting multiple offers, so it’s tough not to be happy with a 50% acceptance rate.

Bottom line, Talener Group continues to deliver unparalleled results for our Clients and our Candidates.  Come see for yourself!  If you are the Boston, New York City, Los Angeles or San Francisco area, drop in and meet us!

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