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Why Tech Recruiters need to pay attention to Data Scientists.

There has been a lot of buzz around Big Data and tools such as Hadoop and MapReduce lately. These concepts solve a portion of the data equation by providing the ability to store and search massive quantities of data which may be unstructured or of myriad content, but do not solve the human intellect side of the issue, in which we are able to draw meaningful results and actionable data.

Data Science is the human practice of creating complex computer driven equations and statistical analysis necessary for drawing meaning from pools of data.  For example, HBO could potentially use data science to identify viewers’ reaction to the latest episode of Game of Thrones on Twitter, or to identify which character is most loathed…Joffrey.

Computers do not know how to “read”, so a fairly new area of Data Science called Natural Language Processing has been developed in order to teach computers how to interpret text. Using databases of the human language, along with given meanings, computers are able to scan through huge quantities of text, including blogs, social media posts, news sites, books, etc in an attempt to bridge the gap between humans and technology. Typically, languages such as Python and R are used to complete this task.

In almost all technologically driven businesses, the practice of Data Science will increasingly be utilized to gain insight into the data these companies collect and upon which they will base strategic decisions. As technology recruiters, we need to pay attention to Data Science as a valuable part of our clients’ technology teams and the value a skilled Data Scientist can provide them.

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