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Where is technology headed?

Is the push away from desktop computers to mobile and tablet products changing our world?

The struggle in the 60’s and 70’s used to be trying to find a computer that will fit in a house. Now we use computers that fit in our pockets,


The latest: iOS 6 Major New Features:



The improvements continue..



–“It’s been barely four years since Apple’s iPhone changed the expectation of what a smartphone should be and inspired a trend that will deeply affect many companies’ technology and business operations.”-Galen Gruman

–Predictions for the key mobile developments over the next decade, where mobile technology is heading and its implications on IT and business strategy according to Galen Gruman:

2013: Mobile wallet technology, initially using screen-presented bar codes as now used for airline boarding, will become standard in smartphones and transaction terminals.


2014: Voice recognition and transcription technology will run capably on current mobile hardware, providing hands-free control over mobile devices in a broad range of applications. Use of signal-canceling multiple microphones, as well as broad use of headsets, will address the issues of multiple speakers in a room confusing the voice recognition and distracting other people.


2015:  Mobile devices will dock to monitors, storage, networks, input devices, and so forth automatically. You’ll have just one computer — the one in your pocket — but it will be able to adapt into more than a smartphone when the right peripherals are around

2020: Miniaturization and image-projection technologies, coupled with previous 3D gesture technologies Google Goggles-wearable computers..





How will this benefit us?


Ultimately, this will open up jobs in NYC and around the world. This will call for better talent leading companies to need our service.  

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