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By: Timothy King

Imagine if you could travel from New York to LA in 45 minutes. That seems impossible, right? Well Elon Musk is currently developing a train that he thinks will be able to accomplish this impossible feat. He is calling this the Hyperloop and along with a Colorado based company, ET3, they are designing the prototype as we speak.

The Hyperloop would consist of two tubes and a travel capsule. This capsule could hold up to 900 lbs including cargo and passengers. There would be six seats for passengers per capsule. The train would travel at speeds up to 4,000 mph. Seems crazy but because of the frictionless travel tube it would feel more like one is riding a roller coasting going around 1G.

There are obvious drawbacks to creating a transportation system like this such as cost, government regulation, and environmental issues. If anyone can do this Elon Musk is the guy. He is a millionaire entrepreneur who has been successful in the electric sports car industry, private space travel, and the original creator of PayPal. His company SpaceX was the first private company to send a space shuttle to the International Space Station in May 2012. He has the money and the proven track record of success.
Connections to Talener:

At Talener, I specifically work on the Open Source team. Musk will be using Open Source Enginering to create and design the Hyperloop. If this creation ever comes about it would be beneficial for companies that have offices on each coast, as Talener does. One hour an employee could be in New York the next in LA. I’m sure national companies would be intrigued. August 12th Musk plans on releasing the full prototype and project plans then. Stay Tuned.

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