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In a recent article put out they stated that one of the fastest grouping technologies in the field is Python. Python is a fairly new language but is taking the technology scene by storm. Python ranks at the 4th overall technology in terms of adoption. The once dominated market of Java and .net is stepping aside to a more interesting tech stack known as Python. The trends from indeed state that python’s job growth is over 800 % as compared to php, java, and javascript which are at 300 % or lower. Pythons’s popularity is partly because of how easy it is to learn for developers that come from C/C++ or Java background. The employers see that Python is able to fit multiple cases but the main selling feature of Python is how well it is used with Big Data. DARPA recently invested 3 million in Continuum Analytics to help improve Python’s data processing and visualization capabilities. The presence on Python is just being felt within the Big Data world and will only continue to grow. 

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