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In the evolving hemisphere of TV Anywhere, big media companies are moving towards catering to their customers through second screen viewing experiences, whether it be on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Such inventions such as Hulu, HBOGO, and Crackle have made it possible for a viewer to watch things when they please, while also still being able to make money off advertisements on the second screen. Sports, however, remains the final frontier for these media companies, as it remains the only thing that must be watched live as a viewer.

Companies have been shelling out large sums of money for exclusive rights to teams and leagues. For instance, the Los Angeles Dodgers received $7.5 billion from Time Warner Cable for exclusive rights to the Dodgers for 20 years. NBCSports recently entered into a contract with the entire English Premier League, giving it exclusive rights to broadcast all 380 games annually within the United States. While the paid a pretty penny for this 4 year contract, in the tune of $250 million, they are planning to bring soccer to their viewer in a way never done before in the United States – however and whenever the viewer wants it.

NBCSports has recently created an application for all its sports, such as the NHL, F1 Grand Prix, and the Olympics, and will be adding English Premier League Soccer into the mix as well. Throughout the season, they will broadcast all games live across all devices, as well as have games available afterwards and creating highlights for each game to be viewed in applications as well. Match analysis, replays of the “game of the week”, and pregame coverage will all exist to the viewer on whatever device they choose. The only catch – you have to be subscribed to a cable provider that has agreed to work with NBC on this, much like HBO Go and WatchESPN only work with similar cable providers. This allows these media companies to strike deals with cable providers for access to broadcast these exclusive games, while the cable providers can reap the real-time advertising revenue that sports gives and inform these clients of theirs that their ad will be seen by everyone watching the game, no matter what device. 

The future of TV lies in the hands of it viewers, literally, and it is up to media and cable companies to deliver this content to them in the manner they wish to view. Check out this website below for more details about the NBCSports deal with English Premier League Soccer.


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